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Accepted and Prohibited Materials

Find out what materials are and
are not accepted at Kimbriki.

Fees and Charges

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For large commercial volumes please call.

Opening Hours 7am - 5pm

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Welcome to Kimbriki

At Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre (formerly Kimbriki Tip), we are proud to divert almost 70% of the waste we receive. You can support us and our environment by reducing the amount of waste you generate and recycling materials where possible.


Kimbriki is committed to excellence in quality, environmental and occupational health & safety management’

Interactive Site Guide

Welcome to Kimbriki

Get familiar with our operations by visting our Interactive Site Guide. This feature will help you quickly identify what you can bring to Kimbriki and where it can be deposited on site.

Kimbriki Resource Recovery Project - Approvals Granted

The State Government and the four councils of Mosman, Manly, Warringah and Pittwater (the SHOROC councils) have all approved the planned Kimbriki Resource Recovery Project proceeding to open tender! This will change the way resources are recovered from our region's waste by providing a local solution.

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Latest News

  • New Weighbridge Regulations

    From 1 July 2013 ALL commercial loads are required to enter at weighbridge.

    A. Stop at Weighbridge 1
    B. Get a ticket for recyclables before you unload OR tip at landfill
    C. Pay at Weighbridge 2

    For more details on Commercial Loads please see our Fees and Charges page.

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  • Dispose of Special Wastes
    Find out more about how to dispose of and manage Special Wastes including asbestos, insulation material, motor oil and electronic waste (e-waste) Read More
  • Igniting innovation

    Is it an Olympic torch, is it a rocket, no it's a gas flare. Customers visiting Kimbriki may be wondering if something is about to take off. Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre at Ingleside has ignited a new innovation for the site, a gas flare completes a landfill gas collection system that was installed in the last few months of 2013. …

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  • Business Management System

    During the 2012-2013 financial year, the BMS Team at Kimbriki worked with BSI Group toward Quality Certification.

    The purpose of gaining Quality Certification is for the development and sustainability of the Kimbriki business into the future. It was for this reason that the decision was made to set the goal of achieving triple certification. …

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  • New limit of 15 televisions or computers

    DHL partners with Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises to launch free e-waste recycling services in Sydney.

    • DHL’s free e-waste recycling services start today, 18 October 2012, in Sydney
    • Part of the National Scheme to increase the recycling rate for television and computer products to 80 per cent in 2021-22 …

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