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About Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises

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About Kimbriki

About Kimbriki

Kimbriki was originally established as a landfill in 1974. At this time the site was operated by an unincorporated business of SHOROC - originally Manly, Mosman, Warringah with Pittwater joining in 1992. A joint services committee comprising representatives from each of the Councils managed the operations.

In 1989-90, resource recovery operations commenced on site and Kimbriki became a Recycling and Waste Disposal Centre. This significant shift from waste disposal to resource recovery has shaped the future of Kimbriki and has allowed the remaining life of the Kimbriki landfill within approved capacity limits to now exceed 60 years, based on landfilling at the present rate.

In 2009, a new company, Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises Pty Ltd (Kimbriki), was created to own and operate the Kimbriki site with Warringah, Manly, Mosman and Pittwater Councils, as shareholders. On 12 May 2016, the NSW Government announced the first round of Council mergers. One of the nineteen announced was the Northern Beaches Council made up of Manly, Pittwater and Warringah Councils. Northern Beaches Council is now 96% shareholder and Mosman Municipal Council holds 4%. 

The business is directed by an independent non-executive Board of Directors and an experienced Senior Management team.

Today, Kimbriki aims to be a centre of excellence for environmental services associated with the generation of waste and to provide education to the community. Kimbriki works with the community, shareholders, employees, partners and the waste industry to deliver and promote efficient services that reduce waste to landfill and increase resource recovery. 

To date, more than 2 million tonnes of waste has been diverted from landfill at Kimbriki through resource recovery operations on site.

The following table clearly displays the growth in Resource Recovery at Kimbriki over the past nearly 20 years.

Year Tonnes Received Tonnes Exported Tonnes Landfilled Comment
1990-91 248,500 1,800 234,000 Before formal recovery commenced.
2000-01 235,500 71,500 130,100 Receivables included 61,000 tonnes of clean fill.
2008-09 209,400 156,850 55,550 Exports include 22,000 tonnes of excavated rock.
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Strategic Overview


Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises Pty Ltd (Kimbriki) has developed a vision, a mission, a set of company values and a set of strategic goals which will be the foundation principles for the development of the business into the future. Kimbriki has used this as the underpinning basis for the development of a 10 year Business Plan.

The Kimbriki Board of Directors and management team will utilise the vision, company values and strategic goals as the assessment benchmark for all decision making processes. The future performance measurement of the business will be based on a set of key performance indicators that provide for representation of the strategic goals of the Kimbriki business.

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Our Vision


Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises will be a centre of excellence for services associated with the management of waste.


Our Mission


Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises works with its community, customers, shareholders, employees, partners and the waste industry to strategically deliver and promote innovative and efficient services that reduce waste to landfill and increase beneficial reuse opportunities.

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Our Values

Our Values

Kimbriki has these values and behaviours for employees:

  • Understands the impact of one's communication and behaviours on others
  • Treats everyone (both externally and internally) with courtesy and respect
  • Demonstrates commitment to Kimbriki's Vision and Mission
  • Listens to other points of view and works collaboratively
  • Shares ideas and information openly with others
  • Demonstrates a positive, enthusiastic approach, enjoys work and notices impact on others
  • Is honest and works within all of Kimbriki's policies and procedures
  • Sincerely seeks to understand
  • Notices and acknowledges the contribution of others
  • Actively looks for ways to improve services and contributes to the success of new initiatives
  • Effectively adapts to change
  • Continually builds on knowledge and applies learned skills on the job
  • Is accountable and follows through on commitments
  • Is proactive, not reactive
  • Looks after your own health and safety as well as others
  • At all times seeks to protect the environment

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Safety, Environment and Quality Policy

Our Policies

The primary goal of the workers and management at Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises Pty Ltd (Kimbriki) is to:

  • Eliminate injury and occupational illness from the workplace,
  • Prevent pollution to the environment,
  • Deliver a high quality and cost effective service to our customers
  • Comply with all applicable workplace health and safety and environmental legal requirements

Kimbriki will make genuine and consistent efforts to meet these goals by adhering to the following principles:

Risk Management Approach

The Kimbriki Business Management System (BMS) adopts a risk management approach to safety, care of the environment and the delivery of quality services.

Kimbriki will engage all stakeholders in the identification and management of health and safety and environmental risks.

Safety, Environmental and Quality (SEQ) business risks are managed using a hierarchy of controls that is focused on the elimination of risk and meeting or exceeding all regulatory requirements.


Kimbriki Management is committed to having a fully inducted and trained workforce that is competent to perform tasks required by the BMS.

Managers and supervisors are accountable for creating systems and conditions that ensure operations are sustainable and ensure a safe workplace for workers, contractors, customers, visitors and the wider community.

All employees and sub-contractors accept responsibility for anticipating the risks associated with any work undertaken and working in a manner that will not cause harm to themselves, their co-workers, others or the environment.

Continuous Improvement

Kimbriki is committed to improving the effectiveness of the BMS by reviewing and auditing the BMS, the risk management system, key objectives and targets and by monitoring worker behaviour, providing adequate supervision and fostering a commitment to continuous learning.

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