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Safety Information

Kimbriki is committed to the health of the community and the environment.

Kimbriki is a busy, active work site. Customers must follow the directions of staff at all times. Kimbriki staff are required to inspect all loads, assess charges and direct customers to the most appropriate disposal point(s). Safety instructions are for the protection of everybody and must followed at all times. Whilst on site we ask that you;

Customers should make themselves aware of:

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Site Safety Rules

Site Safety Rules

1. Follow directions from staff
Directions from staff must be followed.

2. Stop at the entry
All entry and exit is by weighbridge. Please follow traffic lights, so only one vehicle is on the weighbridge at any time. Please announce your waste type to the weighbridge operator. Staff will direct you to the correct location for your waste types. On the site your load will be assessed by a centre attendant. You may be asked to uncover loads for inspection purposes. 

3. Obey road safety requirements
All roads at Kimbriki are classed as public roads and as such have strict safety requirements including:

  • Speed limit of 20 km per hour
  • No person is permitted to ride in the tray of utes, trailers or trucks.
  • Seatbelts must be worn when driving on the site.

As with any public road, fines may apply when road rules are disregarded.

4. No scavenging
Scavenging of waste is a significant safety issue. The public are not permitted to salvage material from the site.

5. Children must remain in vehicles
Kimbriki is a working site and children must remain in vehicles at all times, except while visiting the Eco House and Garden.

6. Manual handling
All loads must be unloaded by the customer. Ensure you load your vehicle to allow for safe unloading of waste.

7. Cover your load
It is illegal and unsafe to have an insecure load, projecting load or have material escape on the road. Fines apply for non-compliance.

8. Wear appropriate footwear and clothing
Due to the nature of activity on site it is highly recommended that you wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

9. No smoking
Smoking is a hazard and therefore not permitted on site.

10. Abusive and unsafe behaviour
Verbal or physical abuse of any person or action that threatens the safety of any person at the site will not be tolerated and will result in exclusion from the Kimbriki site.

11. Incidents
Customers must report any incidents to Kimbriki staff.

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Potential Site Hazards

Potential Site Hazards

Persons entering Kimbriki should be aware of the following potential hazards:

  • Heavy vehicle traffic on site roads
  • Random heavy plant movement in landfill areas
  • Slippery road conditions – roads are kept damp for dust suppression
  • Native venomous snakes and spiders on the site – our natural bush setting is home to a wide range of wildlife.
  • Trip hazards and uneven ground
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