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Fees and Charges from 1st July 2016

Find out what fees and charges may apply to your load

All vehicles must enter and exit by a weighbridge.
Payment is required at time of tipping. Credit cardholder must have actual credit card.


You must legally secure and cover your load when transporting waste.

Think about the safety of all road users.

Charges include the EPA Section 88 Levy of $135.70 and 10% GST.
Coloured tickets are given when loads are checked at drop-off zone. Hand in tickets at exit, for discount.

Mixed Waste
Product/Category Tonne Rate
(incl GST)
Minimum Charge
(incl GST)
Ticket Colour
Mixed waste $330 $35
for up to 100 kgs
VENM - Virgin Excavated Natural Material (clean fill) $180 $65
for up to 350 kgs
Asbestos - wrapped 20kg parcels hand unload only $495 $65
for up to 120 kgs
Mattresses $500 $50
for up to 100 kgs
Note. From 1 March 2017, car bodies will not be accepted
No Charge
Car Batteries $120 $10
for up to 80 kgs
Plastic PET, HDPE Commercial $70 $40  
Tyres - less than 5 $495 $10
for up to 20 kgs
Cardboard, paper No Charge
Bottles and Cans No Charge
Motor oil - less than 20 litres No Charge
Televisions and Computers - maximum 15 items per visit No Charge
Product/Category Tonne Rate
(incl GST)
Minimum Charge
(incl GST)
Ticket Colour
Vegetation or Untreated, Unpainted Timber $195 $30
for up to 150 kgs
Light Blue
Vegetation - Logs $195 $30
for up to 150 kgs
Stumps, Palm Trunks $330 $65 Orange
Vegetation – non-resident car, stationwagon $195 $30
for up to 150 kgs
Light Blue
Vegetation – resident car, stationwagon – under 60 kg with proof of residency No Charge - council sponsored for loads under 60 kgs
Vegetation – resident ute, trailer – under 300 kg with proof of residency No Charge - council sponsored for loads under 300 kgs
Concrete and Brick
Product/Category Tonne Rate
(incl GST)
Minimum Charge
(incl GST)
Ticket Colour
Concrete under 500mm $20 $20 Green
Oversize Concrete $25 $25 Red
Mixed Concrete and Brick
$25 $25 Yellow
Asphalt $50 $50 White
Roof Tiles $20 $20 Green


Charges include EPA Section 88 Levy of $135.70 and 10% GST
ALL tax invoices are provided for each transaction to vehicle drivers at the point of sale.

Please be aware that Kimbriki is a dry waste facility -
NO food, NO paint, NO chemicals, NO liquids, NO nappies, NO gas cylinders, NO animal waste, NO dead animals, NO stable waste, NO hazardous waste

Safety Information

Our business is committed to the health of the community and the environment. Safety instructions are for the protection of everybody and must followed at all times. Whilst on site we ask that you:

Safety Icons


Council sponsored vegetation loads
• Applies only to residents of the Northern Beaches and Mosman Councils.
• Residents must transport their own loads in a car, ute or trailer only.
• Proof of residency must be shown.
• The council sponsorship does not apply to loads brought by contractors.
• Loads are limited to 60kg in a car or 300kg in a ute or trailer only - weight will be confirmed at exit.

Kimbriki only accepts securely wrapped 20kg parcels of asbestos unloaded by hand. For further information see and the ‘Asbestos and insulation’ brochure. Transporters with loads over 100kg must report to the EPA or register with

VENM - Virgin Excavated Natural Material - also known as Clean fill
VENM is defined by the EPA of NSW as material consisting of clay, soil and crushed rock which is not contaminated or mixed with any other material.

VENM cannot contain contaminants such as grass, concrete, bricks, broken pipes, building material or foreign matter that you would not expect to find in natural excavated material.

Stop at exit
Failure to stop and pay will start debt recovery action and prevent your re-entry to the site.

Licence plate recognition
Please be aware that licence plate numbers are recorded.

Payment options
Cash, EFTPOS, credit card (VISA, MasterCard & American Express). Actual card required. Also pre-approved credit account.

Applications for credit accounts are processed at the Administration Office 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Timber as vegetation
Untreated or unpainted timber can be delivered in the vegetation category, subject to inspection onsite.

Declare all waste types
Kimbriki staff are required to inspect loads, assess charges and direct customers to drop-off point/s. customers must declare all waste types and not conceal other waste within loads. Customers are to follow the direction of Kimbriki staff.

Complaints Line 9450 0561