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Fees and Charges

Find out what fees and charges may apply to your load

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These prices are effective 1 July 2019. 

All vehicles must ENTER and EXIT by a weighbridge. 

Payment is required at time of tipping. Cash and Credit Cards accepted. Credit cardholder must present the actual credit card. 

Cover your load!

You must legally secure and cover your load when transporting waste.

Kimbriki is a 20km/h site. Please adhere to this speed limit at all times when on site.

Charges include 10% GST and the EPA Section 88 Levy of $143.60 per tonne where applicable.

Mixed Waste
Product/Category Tonne Rate
(incl GST)
Minimum Charge
(incl GST)
Mixed waste (Resident)

Residents of the Northern Beaches Council and Mosman Council with proof of residency

$370 $30
up to 100 kgs
Mixed waste (Non-Resident and Trade) $370 $45
up to 120 kgs
VENM - Virgin Excavated Natural Material (clean fill)
- Natural material with no contaminants
- NSW EPA VENM Certificate must accompany all loads
$195 $68
up to 350 kgs
Asbestos - double-wrapped 20kg parcels, hand unload only $760 $76
up to 100 kgs
Mattresses $500 $50
up to 100 kgs
Bottles, Containers and Cans
- Glass, Plastic (PET, HDPE), Aluminium 
up to 100 kgs - no charge
Car Tyres - with or without rims $500 $10 
up to 20kgs
Note: As Refrigerators, Freezers & Air Conditioning units must be de-gassed before disposal for recycling, a charge applies
No Charge
Refrigerators, Freezers & Air Conditioning units No Charge with proof of de-gassing
$25 per unit if not de-gassed 
Cardboard, Paper No Charge
Lead Acid Batteries No Charge
Motor oil -  must be in sealed containers no larger than 10L capacity.
No decanting of oil - please bring oil in a sealed container that you can leave behind at the drop-off point, Zone 4.
No Charge
Televisions and Computers
(and peripherals - click here for what's accepted)
No Charge
Product/Category Tonne Rate
(incl GST)
Minimum Charge
(incl GST)
Vegetation (Council-sponsored vegetation drop-off)

Residents of Northern Beaches Council or Mosman Council

Residents must show proof of residency
One vegetation transaction per day
Trade vehicles excluded

No Charge for loads under 300kgs
If the load weighs over 300kgs, resident must pay full load amount at $230 per tonne.

 Vehicles are limited to cars, station wagons, utes, family vans or trailers
No trucks or trade vehicles

Vegetation (All others - Non-Resident and Trade)
Vegetation or Untreated, Unpainted Timber, Logs
$230 $37
up to 160 kgs
Oversized Vegetation
Logs and stumps over 300mm diameter
Palm trunks over 125mm diameter
$350 $35
up to 100 kgs

Concrete and Brick
Product/Category Tonne Rate
(incl GST)
Minimum Charge
(incl GST)
Concrete (size less than 500mm) $22 1 tonne
Oversize Concrete $28 1 tonne
Concrete and Brick
$28 1 tonne
Asphalt $40 1 tonne
Roof Tiles $22 1 tonne

Charges include 10% GST and the EPA Section 88 Levy of $143.60 where applicable. 
A Tax Invoice is provided at the weighbridge for all direct sales / transactions. Tax Invoices for account sale customers are emailed on the next working day. 

Please be aware that Kimbriki is a dry waste facility. That means we do not accept the following waste:

NO food, NO paint, NO chemicals, NO liquids, NO nappies, NO gas cylinders, NO animal waste, NO dead animals, NO stable waste, NO hazardous waste

Site Safety Information

Kimbriki is committed to the health of our customers, staff, local community and the environment. Safety instructions are for the protection of everybody and must followed at all times. Whilst on site we ask that you:


Resident Vegetation Drop-off at Kimbriki 

All households in the Northern Beaches and Mosman Council areas are provided with dedicated vegetation bins collected by Council.  The vegetation drop-off at Kimbriki provides residents with an occasional disposal option for excess amounts of vegetation generated at home. The councils pay Kimbriki the advertised gate fees for this service. To maintain the service, and to ensure it is fair to all ratepayers, residents dropping off vegetation under this arrangement are advised of the following restrictions: 

1. Vehicles are limited to cars, station wagons, utes, family vans or trailers with up to 300kg and proof of residency. No trucks, trade vehicles or other vehicles of any kind. Proof of residency includes a Northern Beaches Council or Mosman Municipal Council parking sticker, a driver's licence, or Council rates notice. 

2. Vehicles are entitled to one vegetation drop-off on any given day. 

3. If your load is over 300kg you must pay for the full amount not just the portion you are over. We understand you don’t weigh your vegetation when loading so some leeway will be given for loads close to these weights. The NSW EPA requires that all waste entering Kimbriki must be accurately accounted for. Dividing weighbridge transactions once completed adds complexity, time and cost and consequently is prohibitive and cannot be accommodated.  

4. Trade vehicles are excluded. However arrangements can be put in place to register a trade vehicle for a resident’s own occasional use. Vehicles are limited to cars, station wagons, utes, family vans or trailers. No trucks. Please see Kimbriki Reception for details. 

Should you have any questions regarding these restrictions, please contact your local council: ph 1300 434 434  ph 9978 4000

Kimbriki only accepts securely double-wrapped 20kg parcels of asbestos unloaded by hand. For more information, click here. Transporters with loads over 100kg must report to the EPA or register with

VENM - Virgin Excavated Natural Material - also known as Clean fill
VENM is defined by the NSW EPA as natural material consisting of clay, gravel, soil, sand and rock fines, and has been excavated from an area that is not contaminated with manufactured chemicals or process residues as a result of industrial, commercial, mining or agricultural activities. VENM must not contain contaminants such as grass, concrete, bricks, broken pipes, building material or foreign matter. 

All VENM loads delivered for disposal at Kimbriki must be accompanied by the NSW EPA VENM Certificate.
A certificate can be downloaded here

Stop at exit weighbridge C or D
Failure to stop and pay will start debt recovery action and prevent your re-entry to the site.

CCTV and Licence plate recognition
Kimbriki operates under CCTV and all vehicle licence plate numbers are recorded at the weighbridge.

Payment options
Cash, EFTPOS, credit card (VISA, MasterCard & American Express). Actual card is required to be presented at time of transaction. Pre-approved credit accounts available.
Cheques not accepted. 

Applications for credit accounts are processed at the Administration Office 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Timber as vegetation
Untreated or unpainted timber can be delivered in the vegetation category, subject to inspection onsite.

Declare all waste types
Kimbriki staff are required to inspect loads, assess charges and direct customers to drop-off point/s. Customers must declare all waste types and not conceal other waste within loads. CCTV is in operation across the Kimbriki site. Customers are to follow the direction of Kimbriki staff.

Please note that once waste has been dropped at the relevant zone, advertised charges will apply at the exit weighbridge. Waste is not able to be retrieved once it has been dropped. 

Contact Kimbriki - Administration & Finance
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm
Site open 7 days 7.00am to 5.00pm

Phone 9486 3512
Email or
Complaints Line 9450 0561