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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer your questions.

  • Q. My kerbside garbage, recycling, or green waste bin hasn’t been collected. What should I do?

    A. Kimbriki does not provide waste and recycling collection services. Contact your local Council, Northern Beaches, or Mosman, for missed services.

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  • Q. Who owns and operates Kimbriki?

    A. The Kimbriki site is owned and operated by Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises Pty Ltd (KEE), ABN 65 136 789 261. Northern Beaches Council and Mosman Municipal Council are the shareholders of the company.

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  • Q. Why has Kimbriki changed to a Resource Recovery Centre and what does this mean?

    A. Kimbriki’s change into a Resource Recovery Centre highlights the importance of recovering resources from waste rather than disposal in landfill as the primary disposal method. Kimbriki already recycles approximately 80% of waste that is brought onto site. In coming years KEE are planning to introduce other technologies to further enhance resource recovery for the northern beaches region. For more information on our future plans click here or download our A Local Waste Solution for Local Waste brochure.

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  • Q. What does ‘inert’ waste mean?

    A. Inert waste refers to waste which is neither chemically or biologically reactive and will not decompose. It does not contain organic material such as food, vegetation, wood waste or potentially hazardous materials. Please refer to the Accepted and Prohibited Materials section of this website for more information.

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  • Q. Can Kimbriki collect waste and recycling materials from my home or business?

    A. Kimbriki does not provide collection services, please check your local phone or online directory for service providers.

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Q. Why does Kimbriki not accept car bodies anymore? 

A. Following a change in the NSW Scrap Metal Legislation in March 2017, car bodies,engines, chassis, trailers, caravans, motorbikes or scooters with identification details such as VIN or enginenumber are no longer accepted.