Please reduce your speed to under 20km per hour when entering and exiting Kimbriki thank you

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Open 8am to 4:30pm Mon – Wed – Fri – Sat – Sun
Closed Tuesdays and Thursdays


Visit our Eco House and Garden website to learn more about organic gardening, waste minimisation and sustainable living.


Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre

Kimbriki Road
off Mona Vale Road
Ingleside / Terrey Hills
NSW, Australia

Open 7am to 5pm every day
Closed on Christmas Day & Good Friday

Phone: (02) 9486 3512

Phone: (02) 9486 3542


Our Mission

Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises works with its community, customers, shareholders, employees, partners and the waste industry to strategically deliver and promote innovative and efficient services that reduce waste to landfill and increase beneficial reuse opportunities.

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