Self-Watering Garden Beds Workshop

An exciting workshop on building and managing a wicking bed – a self-watering garden.
What is a wicking bed? 
Wicking beds are a unique garden with a water tank at the base. They are designed so the water ‘wicks upwards’ into the soil, like a candle wick. These gardens are self-watering for times when you are not home!

There are commercial wicking beds available on the market for purchase, or you can attend this workshop at the Eco House and learn how to make your own! In this workshop, Peter Rutherford, Kimbriki’s Senior Ecologist will tell you the secrets of wicking bed design and management.

You will be able to see examples of different types of wicking beds in the Eco Garden.

Dates:  Friday 24th & Sunday 26th July 2020
Cost: Residents $30 per person.  Non-Residents $40 per person.
Time:  10am to 1pm
Venue:  Kimbriki Eco House & Garden
Note  Booking fee is not refundable

The Eco House & Garden Education Centre is located within the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre, Kimbriki Road, Ingleside. Access is by vehicle only – as there is no pedestrian access to Kimbriki, please make arrangements to arrive by vehicle. Please enter via the Weighbridge and speak to the Operator before proceeding.